Top 10 Reasons Why Eternal TV App Is Better Than Netflix

Netflix is dead?

Okay now, it is not and it may not be for a long time. Then why did I start with such a bold statement? Because the streaming giant is dead to over 10% (even 10% is millions) of its users worldwide. Due to the recent hike in prices, almost poor customer response and other giants in the game with better price modals—more people are now thinking of moving to some nearby streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, Eternal TV App and Amazon Prime. But they are all the same right? Wrong.

Small Size & Big Promise of Eternal TV APK for Android & PC

You are much familiar with Disney+, Hulu, BBC iplayer and Amazon Prime, but you have missed a gem of a streaming app among the fight between these giants. This app is known as “Eternal TV APK” has recently launched and offers unbelievably good benefits to its users. Before I dive deeper into details, let me give away one of my favorite benefits: “Eternal TV APK for Android offers you 10,000 channels in just 10 MB” You heard me right. 10,000 channels in your pocket at all times. Now think about it.

Why Pay For Both The Internet & Netflix

When you are watching Netflix, you are not only paying for it but also for the internet packages. Especially if you want to get the best quality out of it you will need a high speed internet package which is expensive. Now compare the same scenario with Eternal TV APK for Android & PC. You are just paying for the internet package and not for the app. The saved money can even be used to upgrade your internet package. How’s that for a fair deal?

Staying At Home While Saving Money With The App

Just like the majority of the world, if you are stuck at home amid the pandemic crisis, I am pretty sure you have increased your media consumption (like me) and that’s fine. I believe a much needed break from all the stress of managing a fast-paced life was much due. However, staying at home also means that we’ll need to manage our living expenses carefully. Paying a high-priced Netflix subscription can prove to be a bit daunting at the time. That’s where Eternal TV APK for PC or Android jumps right in with another benefit. It is FREE. Yes. Zero cost. No dollar to pay and every cent to save.

Billions Of Dollars Lost

I’m also an avid researcher when it comes to exploring cyber security. You may be amazed to know that in 2019 alone, internet users suffered billions of dollars due to successful hacking attempts. One of the most common techniques of cybercrime is to steal your financial data such as credit card numbers. Now, whenever you are to buy or renew your Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ subscription, you will need to add your credit card details or reuse the old one.

Cyber-Criminals Are Now More Active Than Ever

With the hackers more active than ever, this can lead to some serious damage, especially during such times. It is now more important than ever to protect your financial information. That is where Eternal TV APK for PC & Android proves itself again. It offers you the app at zero dollars as mentioned before. This means you don’t have to add any credit card details to download it. Amazing right?

More Variety Than 10,000 Channels?

But you might say that you love to stay with Netflix because it offers variety. I totally agree. I am not trying to disrupt your relationship with Netflix. Nor am I trying to force you to do anything against your consent. However, my readers are my family and you always want the best for your family right?

The Whole World In Your Pocket

While I agree that there is a variety of entertainment to choose from on Netflix, it is still paltry when compared to what Eternal TV APK for firestick has to offer. You may have missed the benefit earlier. So let me state it again. Eternal TV APK for Android & PC is offering you over 10,000 channels! Yes. That’s right. You can choose from 10,000 channels and there are at least 50 channels for everyone with a distinct taste.

Why Won’t You Let Me Use The App Netflix?

A while back, I wanted to try Netflix on my phone. I wanted to check the quality, design and experience of the mobile app. However, I wasn’t a paid member back then. So when I downloaded the app and launched it excitingly, the launch screen showed me a message which was something like “You can only use this app if you are a Netflix member” Okay. I agree with you. There is nothing wrong in not letting the casual users access your content without paying for it first.

Exclusively Designed For Your Android

But I personally think Netflix would benefit a lot if it allows us to at least browse through some kind of limited version of the app which can tell people what’s inside. That’s why I was quite taken aback when I discovered that Eternal TV APK for Android and PC is not only free but it also offers you the full version with full access to every feature. All you need is to download Eternal TV APK for Android and install it. Easy right?

The More You Share, The More You Care

Another feature which makes people defend Netflix is the ability to share your subscription with 5 people of your choice. If you are a group of friends only one of you needs to buy it and he or she can share it with others right? I agree to it. Great feature. But you are still paying right? In fact, I was recently reading that Netflix suffers more losses due to this sharing compared to VPN users.

The Future Of NO SHARING

I am pretty sure Netflix is soon going to limit this feature to just 2 or 3 simultaneous logins. Or maybe it will drop the feature altogether and everyone will have to buy their own subscription? You can never be sure how Netflix will behave after the recent chain of events. So what’s the alternative?

Share As Much As You Want

What if there’s a streaming app you can share with not 1, 2, 3, 5 or even 20 but an unlimited number of loved ones? Yes, I am talking about Eternal TV APK for Android & PC. As the app is free, you can share it with as many people as possible and all of them will have the same access to 10,000 channels as you. No need for anyone to fight over who’s going to watch that exclusive movie first…

We Are In This Together

So what are you waiting for? You have heard of all the amazing benefits. Okay. You feel alone right? Let me accompany you to the page and help you download it. Simply click here and the page will take us to the official website of Eternal TV APK for Android & PC. Even if you don’t like it after trying it for a while, you can always delete it right? So, in short, downloading Eternal TV APK is surely a Win-Win deal in every way.

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